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General Information
About SRPh

SRPh is a unique educational institution based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It blends what is best in both a confessional and a secular institution. It is totally independent, not owned nor financed by either church or state.

The St. Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy (SRPh) is an independent educational institution founded in 1990 under the aegis of the St. Petersburg Association of Scientists and Scholars and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The School's Faculty unites highly professional scholars both Russian and foreign (see list of subjects and professors), who are engaged in research and teaching activities in the humanities: religious studies, philosophy, theology, arts, history, literature, Russian language, Russian culture.

The School of Religion and Philosophy is Russian Orthodox in origin, a fact which manifests in the importance that the SRPh attaches to its social and cultural role in the context of the contemporary Russian society.

One of the primary aims of the School is to organize a comprehensive program for the study of the present-day state of Russian Orthodoxy, particularly as it affects and is affected by the intellectual and spiritual quests of the modern world. In the field of philosophy, SRPh seeks to re-establish a dialogue between Russian and Western philosophical thought and assimilate them into intellectual life of the Church and society. The School strives to revitalize the eminent literary and cultural heritage concentrated in St. Petersburg and to open it for the world-wide academic research (research projects and conferences). For this reason, special attention is paid to certain areas of interest, such science and religion interface , inter-cultural and inter-confessional dialogue, international development and cooperation (translations and publications).

SRPh adheres to the principles of academic freedom and does not duplicate the functions of existing theological seminaries and academies.

SRPH has multiple objectives:

  • It seeks to bridge the enormous gulf between the church and society in Russia.
  • It attempts to understand and to overcome the painful intra-confessional differences that beset the Russian Orthodox Church as a whole.

  • It strives to meet the ever-increasing demand in the former Soviet Union for competent, professionally trained clergy, catechists, translators, editors, and religious-studies teachers.

SRPh provides the opportunity to study the Bible to everyone who wants this. It has an innovative four-year curriculum in theology, sacred and secular history, religious pedagogy, philosophy, and Christian arts. Courses are taught by distinguished specialists.

Both Russian and foreign students may be admitted to the SRPh (Language Training, Summer Courses, Additional Educational Opportunities). It is hoped that the serious study of religious thought as a whole and the involvement into different activities of SRPh will permit the students a better understanding of the current pressing changes in cultural, scientific and social paradigms.

During 25 years of existence many SRPh graduates are getting their professional work or continuing studies as postgraduates, the others already defended their M.A. and Ph.D. thesis. There are official positive reviews on the SRPh’s graduates from the institutes of different Universities in St.Petersburg and elsewhere, research institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, The State Russian Museum, the Hermitage, etc.

SRPh is conducting educational (Education), research (Research projects and conferences), publishing (Translations and Publications) and social projects on domestic and international level in co-operation with the other organizations.

The principal financial sources on which SRPh depends are students’ tuition fees, research grants, income from publications and donations from private persons and organizations.

SRPh also sponsors summer courses, seminars, public lectures, and academic conferences. Through the books and journals published by the SRPh Press, it reaches a wide audience.

SRPh is conducting educational (Education), research (Research projects and conferences),  publishing (Translations and Publications) and social projects on domestic and international  level in co-operation with the other organizations. It also hosts a new English language  discussion forum on the theme of Science, Philosophy and Religion at: (Forum

e-mail phone: 007 (812)933-4124, (812)927-1622, fax: (812)703-72-79