SRPh invites interested individuals from Europe and USA

 to submit an application

 for the Summer Courses in Icon Painting

The courses are held in the following three-week period:

27 April - 18 May 2012

Applicants will be offered courses in Byzantine and Russian icon painting including the gilding process; in addition there will be provision for accommodation (in families or private apartments), two meals per day of study, and a cultural programme. All explanations and instructions are in English.

Among the facilities provided is a good opportunity to learn the history of Russian Orthodoxy, to have Russian language lessons, to participate in and contribute to discussions in the field. Guided tours to the museums, visits to the churches and monasteries, as well as other places of interest within easy reach of St.Petersburg are provided.

Candidates for the Summer Courses programme are requested to submit a formal application not later than:

1 March 2012

Application forms and further information about the programme can be obtained from:

St.Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy (SRPh),
Universitetskaya emb. 5, room 300
199034 St.Petersburg, Russia
Telephone +7 (812)933-4124, (812)927-1622
Fax +7 (812) 703-72-79


The application form is also downloadable via this link (in RTF format).

See also below the pictures from the last course in icon painting with the four Australian sisters under the guidance of the iconographer Mr. Philip Davydov (



All pictures are expandable. Click to enlarge.

We offer various kinds of education at any level, leading to effective learning and icon painting, passing your final tests for credits (if necessary) and receiving certificates for the customers taking home icons you made during the studies.