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Research Projects and Conferences
  1. Preparation for the international scholar field trip in 2018 -VISIONS OF BEAUTY: The Spirit of the Land - A Religious, Spiritual and Cultural Tour - City to Desert, 24 July -- 3 August, 2015, Melbourne, Sydney, Alice Springs (Australia).

  2. The international scholar field trip VISIONS OF BEAUTY: The Legacy of Ancient Greek Civilization in the Era of Globalization, 5-15 July, 2015, Athens, Kalambaka, Meteora, Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae, Epidavros, Tolo, Corinth (Greece) (

  3. The international scholar field trip VISIONS OF BEAUTY: The Foundations of Russian Religion and Culture in the Course of Thousand Years, 26th May - 9th June, 2014, St.Petersburg, the cities of Great Novgorod, Pskov, Pechory, Moscow, Sergiev-Posad (

  4. Training Distant Seminar for Mass-Media The Effect of Science and Religion Dialogue on the Development of the Civil Society in Russia, 28th February- 2 March 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia (

  5. International Conference "Science and Faith. Exploring Issues at the Interface of Life's Major Realities", 27-30 June, 2013, in collaboration with and co-sponsorship of the Faraday Institute, St Edmunds College, Cambridge, The Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and Committee of Foreign Relations of the St.Petersburg Government (see the Program).

  6. St. Petersburg, Russia, June 2-3 2012, 7th Central and Eastern European Conference on Phenomenology, Phenomenology and Aristotle (see the Program CEECOP of the conference), sponsored by St.Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy (Russia) and the University in Patras (Greece) (, supported by the Central and Eastern European Council of Phenomenology (CEECOP) and Organizations of Phenomenological Organizations (OPO).

  7. Round Table: REFLECTIONS ON PHILOSOPHICAL, SCIENTIFIC, AND THEOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS OF INTERFACING, and the Second Readings dedicated to Prof. Dr. Alexei Chernyakov, November 16-18, 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia, in the frame of the project The Problem of Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Science, Religion, and Culture: Preparing Community Leaders for the Twenty-First Century, supported by a grant # 15652 from the John Templeton Foundation (JTF). (see the Program, photos and report).

  8. 15th January 2011 the International Internet Research Seminar ( on the book by Alexei Chernyakov “The Ontology of Time. Being and Time in the Philosophies of Aristotle, Husserl and Heidegger”, Phaenomenologica 163, – Dordrecht - Boston - London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002” at the SRPh forum

  9. 19th November 2010 in the frame of MGNI project The Problem of Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Science, Religion, and Culture: Preparing Community Leaders for the Twenty-First Century took place The First Readings dedicated to Prof. Dr. Alexei Chernyakov (

  10. September 2010 SRPh started its blog and forum and the new Internet resource for SRPh publications

  11. 19-22 July 2010 SRPh together with SUNY, Old Westbury College held the International conference in ST.Petersburg Challenges of Globalization East and West: Philosophical Aspects of Globalization of Higher Education, Economy, Law, Religion and Culture".

  12. 17th April 2010 SRPh under the leadership of Dr. Natalia Pecherskaya organized Fulbright Alumni Meeting Rectors of St. Petersburg Universities. The meeting was sponsored by the grant from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. State Department, with support from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, International Institute for Education in Moscow. Many scientists, scholars and students participated the meeting

  13. 21st March 2010 the scholar forum and Publisher Global Scholarly Publications (GSP) invited SRPh to join the project “Globalization of Knowledge” and to become co-sponsor of the International Journal of Decision Ethics on Global Conflicts, Higher Education, Business and Economics (IJDE), sponsored by Oxford University, Department of Educational Studies, UK.

  14. 21st January 2010 two MGNI project members Fr. Kirill Kopeikin and Natalia Pecherskaya presented at the special meeting at the Danilov Monastery, the Moscow Patriarchate.

  15. 13 October 2009 SPECRS seminar in the MGNI project realm took place. Professor L. Perlovsky (Harvard, MIT) presented his presentation "Why Adam was exiled from Paradise (from the Perspective of Cognitive Sciences)."

  16. 28 July - 2 August 2009 comprised of the 1-st International Consultation in the MGNI project area of "Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Science, Religion, and Culture: Preparation Community Leaders for 21st Century", which took place at the Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research (CIECR) in Collegeville, MN, USA .Sponsored by the Metanexus Institute of Science and Religion, USA

  17. 21-23 May 2009 in the "House of Scientists" of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) a conference "Languages of Science" presentation by A.G. Chernyakov in the realm of the festivals "Days of Science", sponsored by Dimiri Zimin Foundation.

  18. 21-24 April 2009 plenary paper presentation at IAPCHE Europe 2009 Conference "Bridging the Gap", in the Netherlands, referenced Christianity in higher education. This speech was presented by the Rector of SRPh N.A. Pecherskaya.

  19. Public presentation "The Social Conception of the Russian Orthodox Church" presented by N.A. Pecherskaya 3 December 2008 at St. John's University (MN,USA).

  20. Public presentation "Science, Ideology, Religion: Does Immunity exist for Ideology in the Science or in Religion Consciousness?" Lecture by N.A. Pecherskaya on 31 October 2008, the University of Minnesota (USA).

  21. Public presentation at a session of the administrative board of the Institute of Science and Religion "Metanexus" (USA), presentation by N.A. Pecherskaya 3 October 2008.

  22. Series of city seminars for teachers and graduate students "Physics of the New Time: Galilei and School Philosophy of the Jesuits", leader: V.L. Ivanov. October - December 2008.

  23. Series of city seminars for teachers and graduate students "Unity and Multiplicity". Text for the seminar A. Badyu "Existence and Events", leaders: A.G. Chernyakov and A.V. Magun. February - May 2008, October - December 2008.

  24. City research-and-science seminar for students and graduate students of higher education SPb "Orthodoxy in the Contemporary World", leader G.E. Benevich. February - May 2008.

  25. The work extension public seminar SPb Educational Center "Religion and Science" (SPECRS).

  26. 21 April 2008 in the House of Scientists Russian Academy of Sciences comprising of a conference "Mathematics and Philosophy" in the realm of the festival "Days of Science". A.G. Chernokov presented this speech "Mathematics and Ontology. Alain Badiou as a Reflection of Platonism".

  27. SPECRS International Workshop Spiritual Investment and Scientific Research within the framework of the SRPh International Conference "Charity in Russia: Conceptual, Practical and Spiritual Aspects", 16-18 June, 2006, St. Petersburg.

  28. Prof. Alexei Chernyakov' presentation of "Mathematics as a Formal Ontology: the Hermeneutical Dimension of Natural Sciences and Eastern Patristics" at the Metanexus/LSI Annual Conference, June 2006 in Philadelphia (USA).

  29. Prof. Dr. Grigory Benevitch', SPECRS member, talk on "The Present State of Science and Religion Relations from an Orthodox Perspective" at the Conference on Science and Religion at the ST.Petersburg State University, Department of Philosophy, April 2006 (prepared within the framework of SPECRS/GPSS project).

  30. International conference "RUSSIA AND THE PHENOMENOLOGICAL TRADITION"14-18 September, 2005, St.Petersburg, organized by Orbiculus Phaenomenologicus of the St. Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy (SRPh) and the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc. headquartered at Florida Atlantic University (CARP).

  31. Research Project: "The Religious Basis of Contemporary Problems in the Natural Sciences and Humanities", 2005-2006, supported by Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality (GPSS)

  32. International Scholarly Conference SCIENCE, IDEOLOGY and RELIGION March 30th – April 2nd 2005 St. Petersburg, Russia, with the support from the John Templeton Foundation

  33. Research Program: "SPECRS Workshops for Academic and Civic Groups", 2003-2006, with the support from the METANEXUS/LSI Institute of Religion and Science

  34. Conference New Stage in the Development of General Semiotics: Contribution of Techno- and Biosemiotics, April 17-19, 2003. sponsored by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research

  35. Series of Seminars at the St. Petersburg Educational Center "Religion and Science" (SPECRS), 2002-2003. sponsored by CTNS Science &Religion Course Program.

  36. Round Table Meeting on Science and Theology, 7-9 April 2001, St.Petersburg, sponsored by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research.

  37. International Conference on Science and Faith. The Problem of Human being in Science and Theology, 30 November - 2 December 2000, sponsored by the Templeton Foundation.

  38. International Conference Dostoevsky and the Problem of Dialogue in Modern European Thought, 10th - 12th January 2000. This conference was dedicated to the 2000th year of Christianity. Organizers: The St. Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy; Leeds University, Department of Slavonic Studies.

  39. Regional IAPCHE Conference on Higher Education in 21st Century Russian Culture: Christian Perspective, 24-26th May 1999, St.Petersburg-Repino, sponsored by International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE).

  40. Round Table Meeting Studies of Byzantine and Ancient Russian Art (in the frame of the conference on Church Archeology), 1-3rd November 1998, St.Petersburg, sponsored by Russian Fund for the Humanities, Open Society Foundation, St.Petersburg Theological Academy and Seminary, SRPh.

  41. Lectorium on Bible Readings by leading scholars and priests, 31th October 1998 - 15th May 1999, St.Petersburg, sponsored by SRPh, Chair of Bible History.

  42. International Summer Academy In a New Spirit for a New Creation. Christian Spirituality and Responsibility for the World, 12th August -10th September 1998, Volkenroda, Germany, sponsored by Volkenroda Joung People Centre, Germany, Russian Fund for the Humanities, and SRPh.

  43. International Conference Translation Conceptions of German Classical Philosophy of the XXth Century: Husserl and Heidegger, 3-llth June, St.Petersburg-Moscow, sponsored by International Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (INTAS), Belgium, and Goethe Cultural Center, Germany.

  44. Second Conference on Theology after Auschwitz and Its Correlation with the Theology after the GULag: Consequences and Conclusions, 26-28 January 1998, St.Petersburg, sponsored by Stiftung West-Oestliche Begegnungen, Germany, Europe Committee of the Netherlands Protestant Churches, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

  45. Symposium The Theme of Atonement in Theology and Philosophy, 16-18 April 1997, St.Petersburg, sponsored by the Society of Christian Philosophers, USA-England.

  46. Series of Educational Seminars on Art and Mystical Experience by Prof. Philippe Sers, 7-18 April 1997 sponsored by Academy of Fine Arts, Paris, France.

  47. Colloquium 50 Years of Studying Russia Icons: Results and Consequences, 6-7 March 1997, St.Petersburg together with State Russian Museum and Moscow State Art Research Institute..

  48. Art exhibition on Art after Auschwitz: Meditations, 29 January-17 February 1996 sponsored by Praesenz Galerie, Kommunitaet Gnadenthal and Hasenkamp (Germany).

  49. First Conference on Theology after Auschwitz and the GULag and the Relation to Jews and Judaism in the Orthodox Church of Communist Russia, 26-29 January 1997, St.Petersburg, sponsored by the International Council of Christians and Jevs, Praesenz Galerie, Kommunitaet Gnadenthal (Germany), Europe Committee of the Netherlands Protestant Churches, Church Mission Society of the Anglican Church, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

  50. Rectors Seminar University Resource Management, 27-29 November 1996, St.Petersburg, together with the St.Petersburg Association of Non-State institutions and the Free University of Amsterdam.

  51. Seminar Problems of University Management, 4-10 August 1996, St.Petersburg, together with the Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  52. Second Educational Seminar Bible Themes in the School Curriculum, 22-25 March 1996, St.Petersburg (in the frame of research project "Religious Problematics in the Work of School Teacher in the Former Soviet Union"), sponsored by Stiftung West-Oestliche Begegnungen,Germany.

e-mail phone: 007 (812)933-4124, (812)927-1622, fax: (812)703-72-79