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List of Subjects and Professors
Department of Philosophy
Department of Religious Studies
Department of Icon Studies and
Religious Arts

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List of Subjects and Professors:
Department of Religious Studies (Chair of Bible History, Chair of Church History, Chair of Church Archaeology and Liturgics)
Department of Icon studies and Religious Arts (Chair of Iconography, Chair of Contemporary Arts, Chair of Christian Archeology and Architecture)

History of Religion: Olga Nesmiayniva, Ph.D.
History of Ancient Greek Religion: Ariadna Sharnina, Ph.D.
Bible. General Review: Boris Panich, Ph.D.
Bible History: Vladimir Vasilik, M.Th., Phil.D.
Hebrew Bible. Short Introduction to Literary History: Isidor Levin, Ph.D.
History of the Bible Translations: Anatoly Alekseev, Ph.D.
History of Christianity and Church History (I-VII, VIII-XV c.): Grigori Benevitch, Ph.D.
History of Russian Orthodox Church: Nina Zherve
Russian Orthodox Church Theology: Grigori Benevitch, Ph.D.
Russian Orthodox Church Services: Maya Momina, Ph.D.
Introduction to Historical Liturgics: Vladimir Vasilik, M.Th., Phil.D.
History of Western Theology: Ilya Chernyak, Ph.D.
Religious and Philosophical Anthropology: Michail Uvarov, Ph.D.
Studies in Patristics: Grigori Benevitch, Ph.D.
Literature of Christian East: Elena Metsherskaya, Ph.D.
Hymnography: Vladimir Vasilik, M.Th., Phil.D.
Greek Manuscripts of Christian East: Gelian Prokhorov, Ph.D.
History of Ancient Russian Chronicles (XI-XVI c.): Nadezhda Mil'utenko, Ph.D.
Introduction to the Analysis of Ancient Russian Text: Tatyana Rozhdestvenskaya, Ph.D.
Psychology of Religion: Michail Zeníko, Ph.D.
History of Ancient East and Israel: Vladimir Yakobson, Ph.D.
Byzantine History: Tatiana Lopatina
Russian Civilisation: Margarita Al'bedil', Ph.D.
Ancient Russia and Byzantine Cultural Heritage: Nina Zherve
Russian History (XIV-XVII c.): Nina Zherve
Art of the Holy Land. History, Iconography, Symbolism: Boris Panich
Old Testament Temple and It's Symbolism: Boris Panich
Early Christian Art: Evgeny Khodakovsky, Ph.D.
Byzantine and Ancient Russian Icons: Irina Shalina, Ph.D.
Ancient Russian Applied Arts: Olga Klukanova, Ph.D.
Russian Ancient Church Architecture: Valentin Bulkin, Ph.D.
Russian Arts of (XVIII-XX): Alexei Kurbanovsky, Ph.D.
Contemporary Russian Arts: Gleb Ershov, PH.D.
Hermeneutics of Arts: Ivan Chechot, Ph.D.
History of Styles in Western European Art: Isabella Belyat, Ph.D.
Medieval Western European Applied Art: Lubov' Fayenson, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy (Chair of Ontology, Chair of Metaphysics, Chair of Philosophical Hermeneutics, Chair of Phenomenology, Chair of Russian Philosophy)

The History of Ancient Philosophy: Igor Avksentievsky, Ph.D.
The History of Hellenic Philosophy and Philosophy of the Empire Epoch: Alexander Verlinsky, Ph.D.
Aristotle. Nikomachean Ethics: Vitaly Ivanov
The concept of Infinity in Plato and Aristotle: Igor Zaitsev
The Philosophy of the New Age: Oleg Nogovitsin, Ph.D.
The Problems of Self-consciousness in Fichte's Philosophy: Alexei Chernyakov, Ph.D.
Hegel. Science of Logic: Oleg Nogovitsin, Ph.D.
Kant. Critique of Pure Reason: Alexei Chernyakov, Ph.D.
History of Medieval Scholastics: Vitaly Ivanov, Ph.D.
The Problems of the Essence and Existence in Medieval Philosophy: Dmitry Fedchuk, Ph.D.
Introduction to Metaphysics: Boris Markov, Ph.D.
Metaphysics and Nomadism: Alexander Sekatsky, Ph.D.
Philosophical Anthropology: Mikhail Uvarov, Ph.D.
Russian Religious Philosophy: Grigory Benevitch, Ph.D.
The History of Hermeneutics: Alexei Volsky, Ph.D.
Structuralism. Methodology and Metaphysics of Culture: Ilya Dokuchaev, Ph.D.
Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind: Alexei Chernyakov, Ph.D.
Husserl's Phenomenology and the Ontological Foundations of Logic: Alexei Chernyakov, Ph.D.
Experience of Mind and Transcendental Phenomenology: Descartes, Husserl: Alexei Chernyakov, Ph.D.
Social Philosophy: Konstantin Pigrov, Ph.D.
e-mail phone: 007 (812)933-4124, (812)927-1622, fax: (812)703-72-79