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Offer the MA program
Comparative Studies in Religion, Science and Society (RSS)


General Theory and Methodology of Global RSS and Comparative Research (Introductory module)
Contemporary Problems in Natural Sciences and Humanities
Information Technology in Modern Sciences
Theory and Methodology of Comparative Research
Philosophical Grounds in Comparative Research
Comparative Religious Studies in the Context of Modern Science and Philosophy
Comparative Ethics
Master Dissertation Writing Workshop
Cross-Cultural Communication

RSS and Global Social Space (Elective Module)
Network Structures in the Globalizing World
Globalization of Education and Science
Global Scientific Advancement: Religious and Social Consequences
Globalization of Communication Systems
Transnational Mass Culture
Multiculturalism and Ethnic Policy in Contemporary Societies
Relevance of the Church Fathers for Post-Modern Science and Society

Philosophy of RSS (Elective Module)
Philosophy of Religion within the European Philosophical Tradition
Contemporary Problems in Philosophy of Science
Contemporary Philosophical Problems of Particular Domains of Scientific Knowledge:
a) Philosophical problems of mathematics
b) Philosophical problems of natural sciences
c) Philosophical problems of engineering and technical sciences
d) Philosophical problems of social sciences and the humanities
Possible Lines of Dialogue of Philosophical, Religious and Scientific Anthropology
Contemporary Philosophy of Mind, Phenomenology, Neuroscience and Religious Traditions

RSS under Globalization in Russia (Elective Module)
The History of State and Church Relations in Russia
Byzantine and Russian Religious Philosophy on RSS
Russian Orthodoxy Facing Western World Ideas in RSS
RSS Approach in Modern Sciences in Russia (bioethics, neurosciences, new technologies, etc.)
RSS Aspects of Transformation in Post-Soviet Russia
Multiethnic and Interconfessional Relations in Contemporary Russia
Russia and Revolution in Mass Media

RSS under Globalization in the Western and Eastern Europe, American, East Asian Societies (Elective Module)
Globalization in Western Europe: History and Modernity of RSS
Global Transformations in the EU Countries: Diversity of European RSS' Responses to Globalization Challenges
Integration of Religious Minorities in European Societies
RSS in Eastern European countries: from Totalitarianism to Modernization and Globalization
The RSS in USA and Globalization: Challenges of External and Internal Development
East Asian Societies' RSS under Globalization (Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese, ACEAN Countries)

We expect about 75 % of courses to be covered by Russian lecturers and about 25 % of courses to be co-taught with foreign lecturers (25% foreign from USA, 50% foreign from the Western and Eastern Europe, 25% from the Oriental East).

Foreign Languages
The program as a whole will be taught in English. Since most of the courses will be offered in English, those who wish to study in this program must be fluent in this language. Primarily, English language proficiency will be necessary to understand lectures given by foreign professors and to participate in seminars where Western sociological research will be discussed. Some courses, seminars and discussions may be organized in Russian.
Interdisciplinary Approach
Globalization is the subject of many different disciplines, from religious studies and philosophy to theoretical fields of science. Each of these disciplines seems to study its own globality - from religious, scientific or philosophical aspects up to "global stratification and institutionalization" and global intellectual discourse. This MA program will be based on the methodology and content of a variety of disciplines. The specific aspects of globalization will be presented as viewed by religious studies, theology, interconfessional relations, ethnology, international relations, philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of concrete sciences, multidisciplinary approach. The courses will also include relevant content from culturology, politology and law.
Comparative Approach
The program focuses on the differentiated levels of conditional global hierarchy: global - regional (including national) - local. At the same time, this MA program concentrates on studying and teaching global RSS in the comparative perspective based on the chain "East Asian societies - Russia -Western and Eastern (European)-USA societies."


e-mail phone: 007 (812)933-4124, (812)927-1622, fax: (812)703-72-79