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SPECRS Publications

Most important publications in relation to the Project Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Science, Religion, Culture: Preparing Community Leaders for the Twenty-First Century (2010-2012), are:
Dr. Natalia Pecherskaya:
1. On the Role of Russian-American Research in Science, Ideology and Religion in Building Values and Foundations of Civilization // Proceedings of the International Conference "RUSSIAN-AMERICAN LINKS: LEAPS FORWARD AND BACKWARD IN ACADEMIC COOPERATION", held in St.Petersburg, 1415 October 2010, at the Academic University, Russian Academy of Sciences. Ed. Ju. Tretyakov, St.Petersburg: Nestor-Istoria Publ., 2012, p. 15-25. (in English)
Dr. Alexei Oskolsky:
2. The taxon as an ontological problem. Biosemiotics, published online (doi 10.1007/s12304-010-9099-4), 2010 (in English).
Dr. Alexei Vyazmin:
3. L. Graham, J.M. Kantor, Naming Infinity: a True Story of Religious Mysticism and Mathematical Creativity, London: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2009, 239 p., European University in St. Petersburg Publ, 2011, 230 p. (translation from English into Russian)
4. Phenomenology as Ontology: Toward Ultimate Ground// International Journal of Decision Ethics on Global Conflicts, Higher Education, Business and Economics (IJDE), Volume VIII.3, Summer 2012. Ed. Samuel M. Natale, NYC: Global Scholarly Publications Publ. 21012, p.143-160. Sponsor - Department of Educational Studies, Oxford University, UK. (in English).
Fr. Dr. Kirill Kopeikin:
5. Harmoni mundi: in search of --- in macro- and micro- cosmos // Journal of St.Petersburg State University, series 15, v.1., 2011, p. 88-109.
Fr. Dr. Dimitry Kiryanov:
6. Natural Theology in Patristic Tradition and Modern Problems of Dialogue between Science and Religion// Proceedings of the ESSSAT Conference Is Religion Natural?, Edinburgh, 2010, ESSSAT Journal Studies in Science and Theology, Vol. 13 (in print).
7. Evolutionary Biology and Foundations of Ethics// European Journal of Science and Theology, September 2011, Vol.7, No.3, 13-27 (
Dr. Grigori Benevitch:
8. John Philoponus and Maximus the Confessor: From Christianization of Philosophy to Christian Philosophy// Religious Studies, v.1, 2011, p. 107-112
These publications were made through the support of a grant #15652 from the John Templeton Foundation (JTF), and the SRPh Publishers. The opinions expressed in these publications are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the JTF.

PHYLOSOPHY. THEOLOGY. SCIENCE. First Readings dedicated to the memory of Dr. Prof. Alexei Chernyakov. // Proceedings of the Consultation, held in St.Petersburg, 19 November, 2010, in the frame of the project &lq;Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Science, Religion, Culture: Preparing Community Leaders for the Twenty-First Century&rq;. Convener Natalia Pecherskaya, editor Boris Ostanin. SRPh Collected Scholarly Works, volume 10, St.Petersburg: SRPh Publ., 2011, pp. 198 (in Russian). This publication was made possible through the support of a grant # 15652 from the John Templeton Foundation (JTF). The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the JTF. The English version of the volume is in preparation for publication and printing.

Personalities in science and religion for Russian Theological Portal

Kiryanov D.V. Religious and Philosophic Aspects of K. Gedel’s Thought. Url.:

Kiryanov D.V. Some Approaches to Solving Problem of Relationships between Evolutional Theory and Christian Theology. Url.:

Kiryanov D.V. Actual Problems of the Dialogue between Science and Religion. Surgut, Surgut State University, 2010. 72 p.

Alexei Chernyakov. Mathematics as a Formal Ontology: The Hermeneutical Dimensions of Natural Sciences and Eastern Patristics. // Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality (ed. Pranab Das) - Templeton Press, 2009. - PP. 165-178.

John Philoponus.// Anthology of East-Christian Theological Thought. Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: in two volumes / Edotor and Convener - Grigori Benevitch.– Moscow-St.Petersburg: “Nikea”-RCHHA, 2009. PP. 752 (Smaragdos Philocalias; Byzantium philosophy, v.5).

Alexei Chernyakov. Mathematics and Philosophical Hermeneutics .//Proceedings of the International Scholar Conference “Philosophy, Mathematics, Linguistics: Aspects of Interaction”, 20-22 November, 2009, St.Petersburg, organized by St.Petersburg department of Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, The Euler International mathematical institute . St.Petersburg: BBM, 2009.- pp. 62-67

Fr. Kyrill Kopeikin. Science and Religion on the Threshold of the Third Millennium (in Russian). Assembly Talk at the Plenary Meeting dedicated to the 200-years of ST.Petersburg Orthodox Theological Seminary and Academy. СПб., 2009. PP 76 .

Fr. Kyrill Kopeikin. Theologia naturalis on the Threshold of the Third Millennium (in Russian). // Quantum Theory and Cosmology. Collected Scholarly Works Dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of professor Anderi Grib / Ed. V.Dorofeev and Ju.Pavlov. St.Petersburg, 2009. pp. 89-102.

Pecherskaya N. A. The Nature of the Science and Religion Dialogue in Russia and Its Basic Grounds //Bulletin of of the Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology (ITEST), #, St. Luis, MO, USA, 2009.

Pecherskaya N. Scientific View on Human Nature and the Idea of Salvation // "Bridging the Gap" Ede University, Biezenmortel, the Netherlands April 20-23, 2009

Pecherskaya N. Science and Religion in Contemporary World: Dialogue, or, Conflict? // II d Academician Machmutov Readings “Dialogue of the World Views in Education, Science, Culture, Philosophy and Religion”, 15-16 May, 2008, Academy of Sciences of the Tatar Republic, Kazan:, p. (in Russian)

Alexei Oskolsky. The Fall of Botanics.//Troizk variant № 52, 27 April 2010 г., pp. 14-15.

Live broadcasts on "Radio Russia" under the general title "The Priest's Hour", were carried out by journalist Olga Afanasyeva, with the participation of SPECRS members: Dr. Natalia Pecherskaya, Dr. Alexei Chernyakov, Dr. Alexei Oskolsky and the Orthodox Priest Rev. Georgy Ioffe, the head of the Missionary Department of the St. Petersburg Eparchy (Diocese).

There were planned and accomplished three of SPECRS interviews on the Radio "Radio Russia", "Echo" and "Svoboda" on teaching biology to-day in Russian secondary schools:
On the 7th March 2006 to the radio station "Echo of St.Petersburg" on the theme "Do we need the alternative to the Darwin's theory in secondary schools?" (25 minutes, editor Lev Golstein) in concern with a huge debate in Russian mass media related to some political issues of church and state influence in secondary education.
On 9th March 2006 - radio station "Radio Russia", program "News of the Day" on the theme "Theory of evolution and the Bible - is there any motive for conflict?" (20 minutes, editor Olga Stezenko), Dr. Alexei Oskolsky together with L.B. Vishnyazky, seniour scholar of the Institute of material culture, Russian Academy of Sciences.
On 23d March 2006 - radio station "Free Voice", theme "Science and religion at school and society" (25 minute, editor Eugine Litvinova).

Analysis of Science and Religion Interface As Theoretical and Methodological Basis For Modernization of Education and New Educational Curricula //Manual for Postgraduates in Preparation for the Candidate Examination in History and Philosophy of Science "Religious Bases of Contemporary Problems in Natural Sciences and the Humanities: Russian Bibliography and Reference Materia", SPECRS Collected Scholarly Works, Volume 9, St. Petersburg: SRPh Publ., 2007, p. 5-12 (in Russian) (forthcoming)
The indicated paper raises the question of the place and status of science-religion issues in professional training of future scholars. The subject is extremely topical in the time of creating new educational programs formation in Russia.
The volume itself includes bibliography materials and reviews of the most important books and articles written in Russian or translated into Russian and devoted to the subject of science-religion dialog. The reviews contain important reference materials related to different academic disciplines. The volume includes also original articles by the SPECRS members. The articles partly constitute an analysis of the reviewed literary material partly present authors' own reflection on the tradition, contemporary state and the ways of development of the dialog between science and religion in Russia.
Can be used by the State Ministry of Education.

Mathematics as a Formal Ontology: the Hermeneutical Dimension of Natural Sciences and Eastern Patristic by Dr. Alexei Chernyakov// Metanexus/LSI Annual Conference 5-8 June, 2006, Philadelphia, PN, USA.
Paper shows the contemporary mathematics possibilities to be included in the presenting a systematic overview of the ontological concepts including religious and social issues.

Introduction to the Publication of the Proceedings of the international conference "Russian and Phenomenological Tradition", September, 14-17 September, 2005// History and Philosophy Annual, Moscow: Russian Academy of Sciences and "Nauka" Publishing, 2006, p.283-285 (in Russian).

Orthodoxy as the Resources of the Survival of the Russian Society and Its Development //Proceedings of the conference "Basics and Perspectives of Russian Spirituality" in Rostov-on-Don, 11-12 February, 2005, pp.26-31 (in Russian)
The contemporary cultural and intellectual situation in Russia is analyzed in connection with religious and cultural issues.

Soviet Science, Unofficial Science and Just Science by Dr. Alexei Oskolsky //'Top-Manager', 12 (55), 2005, p.26-29
A history of Soviet Science and of the relationships between so called official science (the 'science' under the ideological control of the official State and Party institutions), unofficial science (the scientific activities attempting to escape this control), on the one hand, and religion, on the other hand. Science-religion dialog in the post-Soviet period.

Religious Bases of Contemporary Problems in Natural Sciences and the Humanities by Dr. Natalia Pecherskaya and Dr. Alexei Chernyakov // Proceedings of Annual METANEXUS Conference "SCIENCE & RELIGION: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES" in Philadelphia, 4th- 8th June, 2005 (in English)
Contemporary educational picture in the history and philosophy of science in Russian educational system and science and its connection with the science and religion interface from perspective of the Russian Orthodox tradition.

Proceedings of the Intra-Institutional Conference of Post-Graduates (on science, philosophy, arts and religion). St. Petersburg, SRPh Publ., 2005, 216 p. (in Russian)
Papers by young researchers (postgraduate students of St. Petersburg universities) devoted to different aspects of arts, philosophy, science, Russian culture and history, interreligious and intercultural dialog, science-religion interrelation.

New Tasks in Education in the Context of World Integration Processes in Science and Religion // Proceedings of the International Conference "Russia and Internationalization of Higher Education" at the Moscow State University, 23-24 November 2005. Moscow: TEIS Press, pp. 246-249, 2005. (in Russian)
Paper presentation at the Workshop of the Conference for the Russian/CIS university rectors and vice-rectors dedicated to 250th-anniversary of the Moscow State University, 22 November

Proceedings of the international conference 'Russia and Phenomenological Tradition'. ?ditor and convener Natalia Pecherskaya. St.Petersburg: SRPH Publ., 2005, pp. 218 (in English)
Reception of the phenomenological tradition in Russia, the contemporary state of phenomenological research in this country in connection with science and theology.The volume offers a wide spectrum of approaches given by leading Russian and foreign philosophers and historians concerning the role of phenomenological philosophy in Russian cultural and theological tradition. A vivid philosophy-theology-science dialog is documented (see also

Science is to be distinguished … from what? by Dr. Alexei Oskolsky. (in Russian).
Within the framework of the Internet Conference "Russian science and Media"

Proceedings of the international conference 'Science, Ideology, Religion'. Convenor. Natalia Pecherskaya, ed. Alexander Volokovih, SPECRS Collected Scholarly Works, volume 8, St.Petersburg: SRPh Publ., 2005, pp. 279 (in Russian and in English)
Five plenary presentations and 10 articles of the Conference "Science, Ideology, Religion" participants from the 9 Western countries according to the issues of the conference.
Here are the names of the plenary presenters and the titles of their talks:
Prof. Dr. Very Rev. Arthur Peacocke - Oxford University, Templeton Prize Winner 2001 - The Future for Theology in a Scientific Age
Prof. Dr. Alexei Chernyakov - SPECRS Leader - Science and Religion Dialogue in the Focus of Philosophy
Prof. Rev. Andrei Kuraev, Moscow Theological Academy - Theology as a University Discipline
Prof. Isidor Levin, Doctor of Philology, Academician of Vienna Academy of Sciences - Sociology of Religion
Prof. Patrick Heelan S.J., William Gaston Professor of Philosophy, Vice-Rector Georgetown University (USA), Hermeneutics of Physics and Quantum Mechanics - Architectures of the Mind and Ideologies: Religion, Science, and the Global Age
Prof. Miron Amusia, Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, A. F. Ioffe Physical Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel - Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood in the age of world terror
Prof. Rev. Georgy Mitrofanov, Professor of St. Petersburg Theological Academy and Seminary, Member of the Synod Commission for Canonizing Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church - Ideology of Eurasia in the Context of the Russian Religious-Philosophical Tradition

Proceedings of the international conference 'Science, Ideology, Religion'. Convenor Natalia Pecherskaya, ed. Alexander Volokovih, SPECRS Collected Scholarly Works, volume 7, St.Petersburg: SRPh Publ., 2005, pp. 284 (in Russian)
Fifty six Russia/CIS presenters (from Chita, Donezk, Kiev, Moscow, Mahachkala, Minsk, Novgorod, Samara, Tver, Voronez, Yaroslavl) presentations with English abstracts according to the issues of the six Round Tables of the Conference "Science, Ideology, Religion":
- World Religions and the Backgrounds for Science and Ideology Interaction.
- Science under Ideological and Religious Oppression.
- Science, Ideology and Religion: Horizons for Mutual Interpretations of Creation and Evolution.
- Secularization of the World and What Politics Can Do About It.
- Relevance of the Church Fathers for Post-Modern Science and Society
- Religious and Social Consequences of Political Power and Scientific Advancement.

The leaders of the roundtables and the titles of their introductory presentations:
Dr. Alexei Oskolsky - PhD, Biological Science, V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg: Biology as a Project of Disciplinary Power
Prof. Dr. Andrey Pavlenko - Doctor of Philosophy, Leading Scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy, Moscow: 'The Own Subject' of Science and Its Independence From Religion and Ideology (incidents in the history of science).
Fr. Veniamin Novik - Doctor of Theology, Catholic Seminary of St. Petersburg: Christian Perception of Human Rights
Prof. Dr. Gennadi Kalaybin (substitutin of Prof. Yevgeniy Arinin, who was late to come to St.Petersburg because of visit to Japan ) - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Samara Humanities University, Department of Physics and amthematics, Mathematical Aspects of Freedom and Determination
Prof. Dr. Grigori Benevitch - Doctor of Cultural Sciences, SRPh, Department of Religious Studies: Relevance of the Church Fathers for Post-Modern Science and Society
Prof. Dr. Alexei Chernyakov (substitution of Rev. Georgy Mitrofanov, who arrived from Moscow lately) - Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, Doctor of Philosophy, SPECRS Principal Investigator: Hermeneutical Problem in Science and Theology

The Role of Science and Religion Dialogue in Formation of the Image of 21st Century Science // Proceedings of the International Conference "Science on the Edge of Millenniums", 29-30 October 2004, organized by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, Tambov: Tambov University Press, 2004, p. 92-93 (in Russian)
The paper raises the question of the place and status of science-religion issues in modern science. The subject is extremely topical in the time of reforming scientific policy in Russia. Can be used by the State Committee of Attestation and Accreditation of Russian Federation State Ministry of Education, Committees of Education of the city Administrations, other institutions of higher learning.

The Collected scholarly works Religion and Faith ?6 (in Russian) include original papers and translations dedicated to the topical and controversial issues concerning science-religion interface, in particular within the context of Russian Orthodox tradition. Scientists and scholars from Saint-Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy (SRPh) and from other educational and research institutes of Russia and Eastern Europe present their vision of the subject in case referring to the content of research in biology, theology, mathematics, political sciences, philosophy, ecology, economics, etc.

            The collection is meant for specialists in the domain of theology and religious studies, for a wide circle of scientists and scholars of various specialties and the general public taking an interest in the interaction of religion and science in the present-day world.

            The preparation of the volume has been accomplished within the framework of the project Series of seminars of St. Petersburg Educational Center “Religion and Science” (SPECRS) carried out by the St.Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy (SRPh) with the support of the Center for Theology and Natural Science (CTNS, Templeton Program) during the period of time May 2002 – May 2003.

ISBN 5-900291-22-7



About Saint-Petersburg Educational Center “Religion and Science”

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Grigory Benevitch



POINT OF VIEW……………………………….………………………...........................……… 13

Ivo Budil

POLITICAL ANTHROPOLOGY AND RELIGION……….....................…...……………..24

Alexei Gomankov


 AND IN THE HOLY SCRIPTURE...………………………………......................…………. 33

Wieslaw M. Macek


AND THEOLOGY…...……………………………………………...........................…………… 59

Vitaliy Naishul

ECONOMICS AND THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CULTURE......................….……... 67

Alexander Oleskin

CHRISTIAN BIOPOLITICS………………………...…………………........................……... 75

Andrey Pavlenko



«RATIONAL EXHAUSTIBILITY OF THE WORLD»………….................…..………... ..95

Sergey Chebanov


Natalia Pecherskaya

The problems of the human being in science and theology: Russian Orthodox Perspective (in English)…………………..............................134

Alexei Tchernjakow

Zum Dialog von Wissenschaft

und Glaube im heutigen Russland…………………......................……..…138

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